Fun For All Ages!

Rodeo Week is a fun-filled week! Don't forget to check back here and on our Facebook page for up-to-date information about our events! The Kiwanis Club wants to ensure fun for everyone! Rodeo clowns, bull riding, barrel racing, contests and a meet and greet with the cowboys are just a few things you'll experience at the Kiwanis Rodeo! ​ Vendors offer all sorts of culinary delights along with merchandise-- don't have a cowboy hat to wear to the rodeo? Don't worry... you can get one there!

Order of Events at the Statesboro Rodeo

Bareback Bronc Riding

In Bareback Bronc Riding, a competitor is riding on the back of a bareback horse (bronc), trying to stay on for 8 seconds. The horse is trying to throw off the rider by bucking and running around the arena.

Saddle Bronc Riding

In Saddle Bronc Riding, a competitor is riding on the back of a saddled horse (bronc), trying to stay on for 8 seconds. The horse is trying to throw off the rider by bucking and running around the arena.

Calf Roping

In Calf Roping, the rider attempts to rope a calf released from a chute from horseback. The rider throws a loop of rope (lariat) around its neck, dismounts, runs to the calf and ties three of its legs together. The objective is to do this in the shortest time possible.

Calf Scramble

The Calf Scramble is a local event. In the Calf Scramble, children enter into the arena along with a calf with a ribbon attached to its tail. The child who removes the ribbon from the calf receives a prize from a local business sponsor. Children are divided into two age categories. Pre-registration is required before the start of the Rodeo and can be found near the arena. 

Wheelbarrow Race

Three teams of three will participate in a wheelbarrow race. Two blindfolded "drivers" will push their un-blindfolded passenger/navigator down the arena, around a barrel and back to the finish line. Navigator MUST be in the wheelbarrow to win! AgriSupply will be providing the wheelbarrows for the event!

Cowgirl Breakaway Roping

Cowgirls follow the same rules as the calf ropers, starting behind a string barrier, allowing the calf to get a head start. If the cowgirl leaves the box too early and breaks the barrier, she is given a 10-second penalty. The cowgirl's rope is attached to her saddle horn with a cotton string. The time is stopped when the rope breaks away from the saddle horn after she has roped her calf.


Stretch your legs, visit the restroom (additional restrooms by VIP Restooms on announcer side of arena) or grab something delicious like a burger or funnel cake from our vendors!

Barrel Racing

In Barrel Racing a horse and rider take a cloverleaf shaped route around barrels preset at certain distances in the attempt to get the fastest time. Time penalties are applied when a horse turns over a barrel. 

Specialty Act

Since the inception of the Statesboro Kiwanis Rodeo, we have had various Specialty acts such as: trick riding (including a horse jumping through a flaming hoop!), and trick roping. Each year's event varies, promising that you won't see the same thing year after year!

Team Roping

Team roping involves a team of two competitors on horseback and one steer. The header ropes the front of the steer (usually around the horns), while the other rider ropes the steer's hind feet. Scoring is based on the time it takes both riders to complete their task along with details such as if both hind feet were roped or if the rope went around the head or horns.

Bull Riding

Perhaps one of the most well-known events of Rodeo, Bull Riding is 8 seconds of pure adrenaline for bull, rider and audience! A rider mounts a bull in the chute, and then released into the arena. The rider holds on, attempting to stay mounted until the 8 second buzzer. Scoring is time-based, with penalties for form. Half of the score depends on the animal (the more challenging the animal, the higher the score) and half of the score depends on the rider.

Meet the Stars

After the Rodeo, spectators get a chance to meet the cowboys, Miss Rodeo USA and take photos with them or collect autographs.